Weekend Recap | Meet EMMIE! <3

Hello friends! I have been a little MIA with blogging but have been keeping up with all of your lovely blogs- some really great posts lately! 🙂

This weekend was a crazy one! Started off with one of our roommate’s cats going missing Saturday in the early hours and all of us trying to find him. After about an hour we did find him…thank goodness!!

SaturDAY was a fun filled girls day celebrating one of my friend’s birthday and we ended up watching our boyfriends play hockey. As some of you know, my boyfriend got 4 teeth knocked out in a game back in February and this was his first time back on the ice… with a cage!! He played very well but towards the end of the game the other team’s goalie started beating on one of our players and our player ended up doing some very bad damage to his knee that ended the game. The crazy thing is, this team has done the same thing to another one of our players. I’m not going to get into but words were exchanged and I’m hoping this team gets kicked out from this league. The night ended on a good note with all of us back at our friend’s house to celebrate her birthday- just good times with good friends

Sunday I woke up sick, just my luck! I slept in a little and then my boyfriend and I were headed out to breakfast when our roommates came home with the tiniest kitten I have ever seen. They found her at a busy intersection about to give up on life so they jumped out of the car and got her! My boyfriend and I fell in love with her the second we saw her and took her to the vet to see if she was okay. Turns out, she’s perfectly healthy- just a minor flea issue! We bought her a bunch of fun kitten stuff and spent the afternoon kitty-proofing our room and playing with her. The night was rough though! She doesn’t get the concept of the litter box yet (sigh) but besides that, she’s PURfect! She went to the bathroom very close to the box this morning, so there’s hope! That’s my iPhone 5S next to her so you can see how tiny she is. Luckily we have great roommates who are checking in on her while the both of us are at work. They are even sending us pictures! I’m already missing her hahaha! emmie

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! If you have ANY kitten tips, we would greatly appreciate them!

Thanks for reading! xo, Kayleigh

Gym Anniversary | Progress…

I’m about to do something so out of my comfort zone and I’m very nervous about it…

Here goes nothing…

different view

As you know, I have been working my little butt off and this morning I realized that I have been going to a local gym for an entire month. I can’t believe I actually stuck with it for a month!! I have been doing hour long morning classes every weekday and occasionally will go run a couple miles on my lunch break. I took progress pictures this morning and put them side by side  with my first day pictures. Was a little disappointed because I couldn’t see much difference but then I showed my boyfriend who couldn’t believe the difference! He showed me that I have turned fat into muscle and I look much more toned than before. And then I really looked and got a little emotional honestly. I’m so damn proud of myself!!! 😀 So here it is friends… (positive vibes only please 🙂 )

First month

(Yes, I know they are very small- not ready to show too up close of a picture) The pictures on the left are from April 20th and the pictures on the right are from May 20th, TODAY! I remember reading something when I first started that said to talk about your progress, challenges and achievements and this month I have all 3 to talk about.

PROGRESS: Well as you can see from above. But I also notice that my mood is better, I sleep better, and my overall stamina is stronger. Just this morning I did an hour of hard cardio with weights the entire time!

Challenges: I still am not eating the best. I plan to create a weekly menu that works for me. I see all these online but there are some items that I know I wont like, so I’ll be taking the time to create one that is just perfect for me!

Achievements: The fact that I’m writing this blog post and sharing this picture is huge for me. I do not ever post body photos… ever! I can run two miles in just about 20 minutes. When I first started, I couldn’t even run for 3 minutes!! I have achieved so much in such a small amount of time and for the first time in a long time, I’m so proud of myself!

I cannot wait for June 20th to share another update. I’m hoping that with the new menu, there will be an even better progress picture. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and have given me encouragement!

If anyone is looking for an online work out motivation buddy, I would be happy to be yours! Just let me know 🙂

As always, thanks for reading! xo, Kayleigh

Tone It Up! | Calling All Members!

Hello bloggers, this week is draaaaaaging on!

I have been entertaining myself during slower days by researching everything I can on Tone It Up! I created a profile to connect with all the members – you can add me HERE! I wanted to see if anyone could give me their views on the Tone It Up community and if it has really worked for you. I’m interested in knowing if the nutrition guide is worth it and if there is a certain series you like the most. Any information to persuade me is encouraged haha! I’m not so much interested in the work outs because I really enjoy my gym, but I’m open to them!

Thanks! 🙂 tone it up

Motivation Mondays | zZzZ

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

I wanted to share with you all a set back I had this weekend. For some reason, I had the hardest time getting out of bed Saturday morning. I didn’t go to bed late Friday night and I believe I slept well, but for some reason, my body was so tired. Instead of getting up and running a couple miles, I decided to listen to my body and rest for the day. I had an eventful day that consisted of driving up to our local mountains and back down for a family event. By the time I got home, I was even MORE exhausted. I had no idea what was going on so I took a nap and felt a little bit better. Again, I was asleep by 9:30 that night.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, I had plans to meet my mom for brunch a little ways from where I lived. I wanted to  make up for my miles, but again, just did not have the energy. I was actually upset at this point. Instead of pushing through, I laid in bed for a little bit and then decided to get ready for the day. I made it to the city we were meeting for brunch and went to buy my mom some roses. When I got back to my car, my nose started bleeding. This is something I had had to deal with my entire life. When I was young, I would get 3-4 nose bleeds a month and have even had my nose cauterized SIX times! When I got into my teens, the nose bleeds stopped and in my twenties, I think I have only had a handful. But this one was one of the worst. It lasted 40 minutes. Oh and did I mention I didn’t have any tissues?! I had to use some random scarf I (luckily) had in my car. When it finally stopped, I was so shaky and just needed something to eat, so when it was time to eat, I over ate. URGH. Again, when I got home, I was DRAINED. I was over the weekend, so completely tired, and a little worried about that bloody nose. I ended up taking a nap at 5:30 and then was asleep for the night around 8:30.

Thoughts in my head yesterday were so discouraging. I was about 80% sure I wasn’t going to do my morning class today and almost just stayed home all together. But when my alarm clock went off, I got my butt out of bed and here I am, 20 minutes before my workout class and I’m determined to keep going! It’s a constant struggle between yourself when you’ve had a major set back and all you want to do is sleep and give up. I’m not allowing myself to do that. Monday classes are the WORST class of the week. It’s hard, it’s not that fun, and it’s NOT easy, but every time I walk out that door, I feel so proud that I made it through another day! So my encouragement to you today on #MotivationMonday is to keep going!  YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!


I hope you all enjoy today and keep those positive thoughts rollin’! On the blog this week, MATCHA!! And how I drink it and what it has done for me 🙂

Thanks for reading! xo, Kayleigh

Fitness Friday | OWN IT!

Finally Friday! 

For me this week has flown by, thank goodness! Today I had my boxing class which I LOVE! It’s such a great way to sweat your problems out! I go to a gym in Agoura Hills, CA and honestly, everyone is a damn twig in all my classes. It’s such a great motivation for me though. One thing that I’m really hoping to slim down are my upper thighs. I was going through The Berry today and found this image that made me think of all my little imperfections… own itNot only is it SO CUTE, but it’s so true! All the ladies are so incredibly fit that my thighs look HUGE compared to theirs, but right now I have to own it! I cannot let imperfections or insecurities get to me at a time like this. Remember to love every part of yourself to gain a healthier body and a healthier mind!

Everyday I wear a Fitbit to track my progress. Below is just from that one boxing class… fitbit

I’m telling you, if you get the chance to take a boxing class, DO IT! It’s my favorite class and I see myself getting better and stronger every day! It’s a ton of fun!  If you’re considering getting a Fitbit, I would say go for it! They do not track EXACTLY the right steps or distance but it’s pretty close. It has a silent alarm clock that wakes you up with vibrations from the bracelet, you can connect with friends, you can track your calorie intake and water as well! It’s a great tool if you’re ready to make a change!

I hope you all have a great weekend and to all the moms out there, happy mother’s day! ❤

xo, Kayleigh

Changes | Week 3

Hey friends, hope you all had a fun Cinco De Mayo!

I am now in my 3rd week of my new work out routine and even though I haven’t seen many pounds drop, I have noticed some other changes….

1) My posture– When I’m standing, sitting, whatever, my posture is insane!! I keep my shoulders back and my head up! It’s because of yoga that I’m seeing this change. I do yoga for an hour twice a week and then my own personal yoga for about 20-30 minutes on the weekend. Yoga has been helping me stretch out all my sore mussels from my cardio classes. It’s also helping with my flexibility but I haven’t noticed too much of a change with that… YET!

2) My Energy– I no longer wake up at 6:15 wanting to go back to bed… okay…well it’s not as bad of a struggle anymore I should say. I really enjoy the classes that I take and look forward to going to them in the mornings. During the day, I feel more alert as well. I have only been drinking Matcha water and water. I will be doing a blog about matcha soon!

3) My Sleep– I have always been a sleeper, however I used to go to bed early and wake up late because I was never sleeping well during the night. Now, I’m sound asleep. I do not toss and turn as much and I hardly ever wake up in the middle of the night.

4) I’m Happier- As said by my favorite blonde Elle Woods, ” Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” (LOL I love that movie) I have a more positive outlook now. Not that I was ever a big Debbie Downer, but I did have my self pity parties and now I don’t!

5) I FEEL Healthy– This is SO important, when you start to feel from the inside out. I feel healthy so now. I don’t crave sweets (as often), I look for healthier alternatives, and I eat smaller portions. Because of these small changes, I’m feeling GREAT!

Not going to tell you it’s been easy, because it hasn’t. Right now I’m pretty sore, but I have to remind myself, it’s for the better! Whenever you feel yourself giving up or slowing down… 

T H I N K   T O   Y O U R S E L F   : 

If you’ve recently started a new journey in life, tell me below! 🙂

xo, Kayleigh

The Struggle Is Real | No, Seriously!

Hello everyone… look at that, you made it through another Monday, CONGRATS!

Over the weekend I was talking with a friend about our healthy lifestyle changes and the struggles we are going through. I now love telling people about the classes I’m taking and what I do to get extra steps in, but I also love talk about the DON’Ts because there are many things you could be doing wrong that wont help with weight loss. Here are some of them:

1) You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep- If you’re not sleeping 6-8 hours a night, your body is not getting enough energy to get through your morning class. Turn off your phone at night, if you can’t do that, at least don’t look at your phone 30 minutes before falling asleep, and keep it on silent!!

2) You “Top Off” Too Much– STOP adding so many toppings to your salad. Don’t think that just because you’re eating something green, it’s healthy. By the time you add cheese, bacon bits, ranch dressing and croutons, you might as well be eating a burger!

3) You Skip Breakfast– Go ahead and bonk yourself on the head if you’re doing this… in fact, if you skip ANY meal, bonk your head. You do know that your body will HOLD ON TO FAT when you don’t eat, right?!

4) Distracted Eater– Eating in front of a TV or computer screen will distract you from how much you are actually eating. If you do have to take lunch while working, portion out your food before you eat, that way you wont over eat!

5) You’re STILL Drinking That?!– STOP DRINKING SODA… even diet soda! There are NO nutritional benefits. It’s not easy, so switch your soda with a green tea!

6) You’re Not Eating Enough– Again, DO NOT starve yourself. It will mess up your metabolism and by the end of the day you’ll be so hungry that you’ll OVER eat.

7) It’s Veggie Time– Get over it and eat your damn veggies. It’s not exciting, but it will help!

8) Cardio Kid– Yes, cardio will make you sweat and seem like you’re losing weight, however if that’s all you’re doing, you will not see results. You need to bring in weights into the work out!

9) Lack Of H2O– You hear this ALL the time, “DRINK MORE WATER” and you must! Filling up on water before a meal helps encourage portion control. Drinking water could even speed up your metabolism.

10) You Have No Support / Encouragement– It’s hard to make these changes, we are faced with junk food at a cheaper and more obtainable way than healthy food and exercising is no easy task either. Talk to your bf / gf/ husband/ wife about changing the eating habits together. You don’t have to have the exact same portions but try to eat the same way. Find a gym buddy and keep each other motivated!

R  E  M  E  B  E  R  :

MOTIVATION TIP: I have an app called The Berry (KCCO!) Every day they post a daily motivation album. I look at this every morning to remind myself WHY I’m making this change. You can check out their site here: TheBerry.com

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kayleigh

Changes | For The Better

Hello fellow blog buddies!

Again, I’m not doing too well with this whole blogging thing. Lots of things are happening in my little world right now and I still haven’t really been able to find the time to blog. It’s sad. But while I was sitting on the steps of a beach house, literally 5 minutes ago, I decided that I’m turning this blog into a fitness blog… sort of.

Recently I decided that it was time to make a change; a change for the better. As you might know from reading my past blogs, I’m going to Vegas at the end of July for my boyfriend’s little sister’s 21st birthday. When I heard the news, I was so excited. I was thinking about what we were going to do and what I was going to wear. (just girl things obviously) And then it sank in… Vegas… in the heat of summer…  we are going to be by the pool for a lot of the time. And I panicked a little bit. In no way SHAPE or FORM am I ready to be flaunting around in a bathing suit. So instead of dwelling on the thought, I decided to DO something about it.

I have never really been able to find a workout routine that worked for me. At one point I joined a big name gym with a friend. It was ALWAYS packed and I was always running into someone from high school…. urgh. I then got a personal trainer and that was going great! The personal trainer was (and is) a friend of mine and as things progressed with his business, he had to start charging me, but I just couldn’t afford that. So I just stopped. That was probably the worst thing for me. I sit all day long at an office job, I wasn’t eating right and I did not do any kind of exercise. I then started thinking about what would work for me. I don’t like mornings and I don’t like working out after work. Then an idea popped into my head!

There’s a small gym very close to were I work. I checked our reviews online and went in to get a tour. It’s very small but offers classes and isn’t as packed like a big name gym, which I loved! So…I signed up that day!! Now, I work about 30 miles away from home so the drive is a PAIN! I figured, if I leave the house earlier, then traffic wont be AS bad and I can do a class before work. I also thought, because I only have a few months to whip my butt into shape, I’ll go on my lunch breaks and just do a 20-30 min run/walk. And to my surprise, this routine worked for me.

WHY?! Because ever since we were little, we have always known to get up on weekdays and go to school. Every morning is the same. You wake up, you eat breakfast, you brush your teeth, you get dress, you leave. Same thing over and over, for years and years. People like me are not as determined to CHANGE that routine. However I found a glitch in the matrix… (that’s what they say right?) I still wake up, I still eat breakfast, brush my teeth and get dressed, but instead of going to work, I go to the gym. And because I’m not leaving earlier, traffic isn’t as bad!

I have officially been doing this for two weeks now. This is the longest I have ever stuck with something hahaha! (how sad!) Here’s my workout schedule:

Monday: True Core Strength 8:30-9:30 / Lunch: speed walk 2-3 miles no time limit

Tuesday: Yoga 7:30-8:30 / Lunch: run 2-3 miles under 35 minutes

Wednesday: Taerobics 7:15-8:15 / Lunch: speed walk 2-3 miles no time limit

Thursday: Yoga 7:30-8:30 / Lunch: run 2-3 miles under 35 minutes

Friday: Boxing 8:30-9:30 / Lunch: speed walk 2-3 miles no time limit

On the weekends I’ll do a speed walk or run for about 3-4 miles just to keep my body active. I have been watching what I eat; I try to stay under 1200 calories. I start my morning off with peanut butter on toast, after my work out I will either get a sbux egg and cheese sandwich or simply have some fruit. Lunch I will have a Lean Cuisine lunch or salad and pretty much the same for dinner. My goal is to start preparing my own lunches and dinners. I would like to add more fish into my diet and I for sure need to add more veggies!

So there you have it, I’m turning this blog into a fitness journal! I will be posting any tips I learn along the way, great healthy meals that I have tried, and just general feelings about my fitness progress. I hope that you’ll still stick around. Don’t worry, I wont completely bore you with all fitness junk, I’ll post some other topics too 😉

Thanks for reading and if you have any tips, recipes, or motivation for me, please leave a comment! 🙂

xo, Kayleigh

Victoria’s Secret Reward Card | How Much Did YOU Get?!

Hey blogging buddies!

Let me start off by saying bloggin aint easy! I have been so MIA from this site but I’m glad to be back on it and ready to really focus on more fun and exciting posts! So let’s jump right in….

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret practically gives out gift cards?! They’re called Secret Reward Cards and they hand them out at random times during the year. Recently, they gave them out (with a purchase) in early March and I was lucky enough to pick one up! Every card is guaranteed to have $10, but you could get lucky and get a card with $50, $100, or even $500!!!

I was going to a restaurant at the mall and was running early so I thought, HEY the VS SRC started yesterday, I’ll go pick something up! I was in a PACKED PINK store and after browsing for about 15 minutes, I  found some black and white lounge shorts. Knowing I would get $10 off I thought WHY NOT? and headed to checkout. The line was a nightmare, so many people… it was nuts. When it was finally my turn, I stepped up and handed the cashier my SRC and a little screen popped up saying that my card had over $25 so I had to hand over my information. Then the receipt printed with the total and I had a $500 card. INSIDE I WAS SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT! On the outside I froze, everyone just looked at me and the ladies working started clapping and congratulating me. Slightly embarrassing. So unreal! So what’s a girl to do next… SHOP!! Especially since I have until April 28th to spend it all!

Victoria's Secret Reward Card

So here is my PINK HAUL! I ended up spending a majority of it online. I never realized you could save so much by purchasing online with all the promos they have. I was able to get free shipping, $50 off, 20% off my apparel item and a free bathing suit bottom!

Above are my pictures (not so great) below is from vspink.com. Some of the items are no longer on the site, but check your VS / PINK store because they just might have it!

SHORTS $22.95

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 3.52.26 PMSo these aren’t the EXACT shorts I got, but they are very similar. These shorts are a must have. The second I get home from work I throw them on. In stores they have many more colors, so I suggest stopping into your local PINK store and checking them out!

HOODIE $54.95

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 3.54.19 PM

Again, not the right color. RANT: that is something that bugs me about VS & PINK, have the same items in store that you do online END RANT! They do have the heather grey version of the hoodie in stores. However,  I was THIS close to getting the pink! It’s less of an ivory and more of a white FYI. The only thing I don’t like about this hoodie is that the hood is HUGE! Swallows me up hahaha!

Swim Tops

I have never owned a VS bathing suit so I was excited to pick up some items. The first top is the Adjustable Bralette and it fit me really well. It was a good buy. The second top is the Body Wrap Top that I got for my boyfriend’s sister to pair with the bottoms below! She sent me a picture and it looked adorable on her. Can’t wait to wear these in Vegas for her 21st BDAY!!

Swim Bottoms

The first one (not picture because the gallery editor was being dumb) is called the Bow Bikini and that is the one I picked up for FREE! It’s a simple bottom that can go with anything and comes in 10 different colors and 5 different patterns. The second is the Scalloped Mini Bikini Bottom and they are on backorder (sadface) I saw these when they first brought them to the site and fell in love! The third and last bottoms are called the Strappy Side Mini Bikini Bottom and are ADORABLE! The cheetah one is for me and the tie dye one is for my boyfriend’s sister!

Carry On Suitcase

WOW, just checked and it’s no longer available, sorry friends! I can tell you though, it’s the perfect size and it’s a SWIVEL suitcase (four wheels). They offered the same suitcase in a black and white geo pattern.

SO that pretty much sums up my ONLINE purchase. They even sent me another SRC with the order and guess how much was one there?!?! haha no, just $10! I ended up purchasing some panties and some yoga leggings in store. Received a $10 off coupon with any $35 purchase AND a free panty. And I STILL have money to spend. I’m hoping they do free shipping again, because with the order I have now, I would be paying $17.99 for shipping, that seems silly to me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my reviews on a BUNCH of VS / PINK items! Did you pick up a SRC, if so, how much did you get??

xo, Kayleigh

Happy Birthday | Big Fool!

Happy April Fools Day, hopefully lots of laughs happening today!

I want to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing boyfriend who turns 26 today! He is the absolute best and I cannot believe how lucky I am to call him mine. ❤ For this bday, a bunch of our friends all went to Dave & Busters in Hollywood! Between the both of us, we ended up with 2,200+ tickets!! As you can see below, he had a BLAST! ( His smile gets me every time ) You can also see that he has TEETH NOW ( YAY! ) Those 4 teeth are just temp teeth ( flipper ) but they look great and he couldn’t be happier to be done with the whole teeth ordeal and be back in the ocean surfing and enjoying life again! Check out what happened to his teeth in this blog post!

birthday boyAnyway, happy birthday babe! Your 26th year will be a great one! Love you!

Thanks for reading, xo, Kayleigh